About Us

We are a one of a kind and creative autonomous multi-media organization occupied with the improvement, generation, circulation, promoter deals and media sponsorships of programming over a various range of media stages. The tremendous experience of our accomplices and staff brings vision, inventiveness, demonstrable skill, and the capacity to exploit the continually changing TV and media scene. Ottonboard Entertainment and Media has workplaces in New York and Los Angeles. Ottonboard Entertainment is knowledgeable about all parts of TV generation and fund. We create and deliver all types of TV programming (e.g., scripted and reality arrangement, made-for-TV motion pictures and miniseries) for system, link and first run syndication, and also coordinate to-video films. Ottonboard Media is in charge of U.S. conveyance, promoter deals, marking techniques and advertising for a quickly developing arrangement of Ottonboard and outsider properties in an assortment of media commercial centers. Our list of projects envelops a solid slate of marked syndicated programming for the up and coming communicate seasons. Moreover, we are speaking to elective excitement organizations in a wide assortment of fields, including link, put based survey and the Internet.